750 Words

I made a wonderful discovery today, thanks to Tammy Strobel over at Rowdy Kittens.  Her most recent post lists a number of lessons she’s learned from her own life, accompanied by micro-actions for the reader.  I loved the entire post, but I was particularly interested in a website she mentioned called 750 words.  750 words is a writing site, but it’s not about blogging or any sort of public display at all.  It’s a substitute for a notebook.  It’s based on the idea of morning pages outlined in The Artist’s Way: three pages of writing (~250 words each, hence 750 words) every day, usually done in the morning.  I was a big Natalie Goldberg fan in college, so I was doing this type of writing before I had ever heard of The Artist’s Way, but lately I’ve found it hard to keep up with my personal writing.  I’m excited to explore this website and see if having a dedicated place and a specific goal to write towards will help boost my productivity.  Join me if you feel so inclined!


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