Yogurt Making and Brita Filters

I love making yogurt.  It’s an inexpensive, healthy, and relatively easy food to make at home.   It tastes better when you make it, and you get to avoid all of that excess #5 plastic that comes with commercial yogurt!  It’s definitely a win-win situation.

Kristen, over at The Frugal Girl, has a wonderful yogurt recipe on her site.  Making yogurt is part of her weekly routine, and her instructions are easy to follow and accompanied by wonderful photographs.  It’s actually the only yogurt recipe I’ve ever tried making, but I was quite pleased with the results.

Even though I love making yogurt, I have a hard time actually doing it.  The reasons for this are actually kind of seasonal.

During the summer, my apartment gets way too hot to cook anything that requires more than a couple minutes on the stove or in the microwave.  Seriously.  I live in Texas and try not to use my air conditioner, but, even if I turn on the little window unit I have, it can’t keep up with the heat my stove and oven generate.

Fall through spring have perfect weather for yogurt making, it’s just a matter of finding the time.  It doesn’t require much attended time, but you still have to be around the house, and I have a hard time grading papers at home.  This post is actually evidence of that.  When you roll that up with the fact that I spend half my weekends visiting a boy in a town three hours away, well, settling down to make yogurt moves down on my list of priorities.

So, what do I do?  Cut yogurt from my diet completely because I can’t recycle the containers?  I used to save my yogurt containers to mail in for recycling, but that became too much of a hassle, so I’ve been buying the largest size possible and reusing the containers for as long as I can.  It’s not the best solution, but it works when you’re in between better ideas.

This had been a bit of a moral dilemma for me, but I think that might be shifting.  You see, this morning I went to change my Brita filter, and I decided to see if I could recycle it.  I thought I had seen something online a while back about this, so I did a quick search.  Sure enough, Preserve (the company I used to mail my yogurt containers to) has expanded their efforts to include Brita filters!  I’m thrilled.  Additionally, they have extended their drop-off network.  They actually have a drop box at the Whole Foods closest to my house, which means I can get rid of all of my old yogurt containers!  I realize that it’s better to avoid plastic than it is to recycle it, but at least now I know that if I’m craving yogurt, I don’t have to throw the shell in the landfill to sit for hundreds of years.

If you have also had trouble with yogurt bins, check out Preserve’s website for drop off locations near you!


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