The Girl Effect

I just joined the Ridiculously Extraordinary Kiva Team.  I have been following Karol’s blog for a while, and I want to be a part of his effort to bring positive change to the world.  If you haven’t heard of Karol, he’s doing great things over at  You should check it out.  His words have been hugely inspiring to me as I’ve been contemplating pursuing my own path rather than a traditional career.  It helps to know there are other people out there making their lives meaningful in non-traditional ways.  And he’s not just doing it himself, encouraging and teaching others to live their lives as their lives is part of his mission, too.

That said, Everett Bogue recently brought my attention to The Girl Effect.  The idea is that one of the best was to generate positive change for people around the world is to invest money in girls.  Girls who haven’t grown into the poverty cycle yet, who still have the opportunity to go to school, marry and have children at their own pace, and help build their communities.  This has been Greg Mortenson’s message for a long time, and I am happy to see it spreading.  My previous Kiva loans have been to women, but I am going to make an effort to support the education of women in the future.  Although I am definitely going to stick with Kiva, I think I am going to donate some money to the Girl Effect projects this year as well. If you want to know more about The Girl Effect, or if you just want to see how it’s spreading, visit Tara Sophia Mohr’s page about the campaign and check out this video.


2 thoughts on “The Girl Effect

  1. Awesome, Kristi. I’m sure you are meeting lots of people who would be interested, so spread the word!

    I enjoyed your water post the other day… I’ve been building up to a laundry post here but haven’t done it yet.

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