Why I Still Shop at Whole Foods

Whether you know it as Whole Foods or Whole Paycheck, the prices at that store can be enough to push you back out the door. I still shop there, though, and here’s why. There are a few items that are high quality and priced to compete. If I go to Kroger for these things, I end up paying more for similar items that have hydrogenated oils or corn syrup in them. If you stick to a very specific, very small list, Whole Foods can be worth the trip.

Here’s my list:
Small loaf of sliced fresh-baked bread ($.99)
365 Organic Rice Milk (under $2, and sometimes goes on sale)
Pizza Dough (2 frozen balls of dough for $3.99)

If I could ever remember to go on Wednesdays, I’d buy rotisserie chicken there, too. The Whole Foods near work has them on sale on Wednesdays for $5.99, which is close enough to Kroger’s price for me.

The pizza dough is obviously more expensive than frozen pizza or homemade dough, but tastier than the first and less hassle than the second. Each ball makes a small pizza, which I can blaze through in one sitting.

How about you? Have you found any items at Whole Foods that make it worth it for you to shop there?


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