Everyday should feel like this.

I think that’s going to be my word for 2011.  I went to my first yoga class after two weeks away last night, and that’s the word that kept running through my head.  I want to re-energize in so many areas of my life:  my after work routine, my approach to work in general, my approach to life and health, my approach to love and friendship.  I want to live vibrantly and be present, which, given the nature of my situation and my tendencies toward anxiety, means I have to stop and recharge regularly.  I am making it a habit to do so.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions.  I decided when I was in high school that trying to come up with changes to make at the beginning of a new year was a silly idea.  Growth and self-improvement are a constant process; it makes much more sense to tackle a lifestyle change as soon as the idea comes to you.  If it’s truly a change worth making, why wait until the new year?

This year is puzzling me a little bit.  I have all of these goals for my life that are coming up right now because I have had time to regroup.  I’m just going to call them goals.  As of today, the goals I would like to accomplish in the next year or so are:

  • develop a home yoga practice in anticipation of my teacher training
  • cook at home (and spend less than $300/month on food)
  • do more meditation, both walking/yoga and seated
  • set up systems (like batch cooking on the weekends) that make my week life easier
  • continue to minimize my possessions so I can move out of my apartment with no more than two truckloads of stuff
  • find new ways to supplement my income

I worked on some projects on Sunday that should help me glide through the work week a bit more easily.  I made some laundry detergent, did a little bit of cleaning, shampooed my shoes (they were really smelly and I didn’t want to run them through the washing machine),cooked dinner, did some yoga, and started several sewing projects.

It was a huge relief to get the laundry detergent taken care of.  I was running a little bit low, and I knew that taking the time to mix up detergent (and clean up afterwards) once school starts will be difficult.  I don’t want to go back to store-bought, though, because homemade detergent works just fine and is economical and ecological.  I made enough to last at least until this summer, so I’m ready to tackle any dirty clothes that come my way!

The sewing projects had been waiting on me for far too long, and  I may be joining one of my friends in an etsy endeavor soon, so putting in some work on sewing felt like the right thing to do.  I’m hoping to re-energize my creative side as well.

Do  you have any goals for this year?  Are they tied to New Year’s, or do they coincide by chance?


2 thoughts on “Re-energize

  1. That’s such an awesome, happy pic! Good luck with all your goals for this year. Mine are mostly garden goals and writing goals. The garden ones being the tasks I’m focused on right now … so much to do before spring!

    • Thanks, Emily! I’m really glad I found your blog, even if you are on hiatus for a while! I look forward to your return, and any news of garden accomplishments you decide to share. I so wish I had space for a garden…

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