Eating Triscuits and Reading Poetry

Two things.

Thing 1: Nabisco (via Triscuits) and Urban Farming are currently running “a plant a seed grow a movement” campaign promoting home farming. If you buy a box of Triscuits, you get a seed card that you can plant. I got a dill seed card. If only I weren’t in the process of packing and moving… They have even put together a website with home farm planning tools.

Thing 2: You know how I posted about the future of digital poetry back in February?  Well, around that time I discovered Tessa Zeng and her wonderful blog Experiencing Revolution.  Tessa and I chatted one night about the future of poetry in an increasingly digital world.  Since I’ve been living in my own little black hole, I hadn’t checked in with Tessa to see what she’d been up to recently, but she’s been busy.  Check out her post, Making Poetry Relevant.  I’m excited.  She’s doing things I’d planned for Pomegranate Grenate and more.  This is the start of a movement I’d like to see take root in the poetry world.  Thanks Tessa!


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