Alouatta Yoga

I am back from Costa Rica and all certified!  I have some big changes rolling in my life, the simplest of which is a new city to call home.  I am back in Austin after a three year hiatus in Houston, and I am venturing into the world of the self-employed.  I do have an online tutoring job to keep me afloat, which is awesome because it lets me feel like I’m moving towards a more location independent lifestyle.  But the project I’m really excited about is Alouatta Yoga.  I’m still building and have only taught one class so far, but Alouatta Yoga is my very own yoga project.  I am offering on-location yoga classes and one-on-one sessions in Austin, with special packages for school teachers and weddings.  So far I have a facebook page set up and a few leads on potential weekly gigs.  When it gets a little bit cooler, I’ll be offering outdoor yoga.

Now that I’m back I will be easing back into posting here.  I had a few good ideas for posts this summer, but this summer brought so much change that I’m not sure I can remember them, so I guess I’m starting fresh.

Any notes on what you’d like to see here?  Do you want to see travel photos?  Travel stories?  Updates on my yoga business?  I’ll definitely keep at the simple living posts, but I’m curious if there is interest in what I’m up to beyond that.

If you haven’t figured it out yet (through the facebook link)  this blog is no longer anonymous!  I don’t have a workplace persona to protect anymore, so I finally feel comfortable letting a little more of myself into these pages.  I hope you’ll stick around and get to know me!


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