The Next Stage

I am two weeks into my Colorado living experiment.  I’m finally getting all settled in and am finding more time to write now that the unpacking is done.  As you know, I have been working for the past few years to simplify my life and minimize my possessions.  It certainly served me well in the moving process, but now that I’m here I am realizing that I’m entering a new stage.  See, for the first time in my life, I’ve found myself in a fairly serious relationship.  We share a lot of interests, yoga being one of the most important, and it’s been wonderful so far.  The biggest challenge I see for myself is learning to adapt without compromising my values.  I’m now living in a larger space and paying more in rent than I ever have, so there are new budgetary challenges.  Neither one of us are big consumers, so that should be manageable.  This kind of change certainly casts all of the other changes I’ve made in the past few years into relief, though.  It feels a bit like starting over.

Take my efforts to go paperless and plastic-free as an example.  I have by no means eliminated paper and plastic from my life, but I have made little changes.  I use glass storage containers.  I try to bring my own bulk containers to the store with me.  I’ve started using wunderlist on my computer and itouch for all of my grocery and to-do lists.  It’s been years since I bought a roll of paper towels.  Those are all steps in the right direction.   These days, though, I find myself reaching for a paper towel more often than I’d like because a) they are available, and b) I don’t have a system set up in this new environment that makes alternatives easy.  A bit like starting over.

I am excited about this stage, though.  I am excited to be in a relationship with someone who’s open-minded and willing to make small changes.  I am excited to be living in a city that has a compost service.  I’m excited to tap into the yoga community and every outdoor activity that Colorado has to offer.  I’m excited for all of the growth and challenges that building a life here will surely present.  I hope you’ll stay with me as I enter this new part of my journey!


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