Bring on September

Last week, after a full day of work mid-pregnancy, I felt fried. I tucked myself into bed with a cup of Tulsi tea & mellow bluegrass playing on Spotify at 5 pm. I was craving the weight of blankets and the buoyancy of pillows. The weather is beginning to cool here in Colorado, and I felt like indulging in it.

It’s technically still summer, but with the temperatures we had last week, it felt like fall enough for me. I am from Houston, after all. I have been waking up early on the cooler days, throwing on one of my hand-me-down maternity sweaters, and walking to the store for breakfast foods. I just can’t get over it– the cool in the air, the warmth of the sun on my skin. The flood of memories that hit me every perfectly fall morning.

As much as I love the world around me all year long, fall is my absolute favorite. I’m a September baby. Plus, I got married in September, so now there’s even more to celebrate. Fall fills me with optimism. I get excited about knitting and tea, books and sweaters all over again. Even as the world around me begins to shed its skin in preparation for winter, everything feels new and full of promise. I find myself digging out blankets and seeking cool evenings on the front porch. I long for evenings in, playing board games. I crave the colors, and the warmth that we feed ourselves. I seek out the grey morning light because even the grey days have always held an underlying sense of looking-forward-to for me. Come on fall, I’m ready! Let’s celebrate and clear the way for the new life that’s headed our way in 2015!


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