I lost a lot of momentum for getting things done at the end of the year. I guess all my energy was going into growing the little life within me. It was so worth slowing down for. And it’s taken some time, but things are starting to feel normal again, even if very different.
It all happened the night of January 10th into the morning of the 11th. My water broke at 9pm, and our little squeak joined us at 9:30 the next morning. She was born at home and weighed seven pounds, six ounces. I’ve written out most of her birth story in my journal and I may or may not share it here. It’s all a matter of how much time I’m able to devote to blogging from my phone. Yes, that’s what it’s come to, so please forgive any autocorrect typos.
I have a pre-birth post that I started and never finished, too. Maybe I will share that one day. For right now, I’m trying to decide how to move forward with this blog. I’m debating whether or not to start a new one, actually. I’m sure I can find plenty to write about regarding simple living with a baby, but I’m going to incorporate Montessori method into our home life, and I feel like that deserves more focused attention. At the very least, it deserves its own series on this blog. That is probably the easiest way to go, which means it’s probably more likely to actually happen. Just things to think about. Hopefully I will have more naptime posts coming your way soon.


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